Saturday, March 25, 2023
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5 Things Black Women Should Know About Mental Health Counseling

African American women are known by many as one of the strongest groups of women in the world,mentally. But what happens when their mental...

Top 10 Wealthiest Black Communities in America

The wealthiest black communities are located across America. From East coast to West, here are the top 10 wealthiest black communities in the U.S.... #1...

Surprised? Even Poor Whites Have It Better Than Blacks

A 25-year study of blacks and whites in Baltimore finds that income status can be an equalizer, but race does make a difference. From birth,...

Are Black Actors’ Roles Improving from ‘Just The Black Best Friend or The Crackhead’

There's no doubt that things are changing in Hollywood. In an industry where black actors and actresses were once exclusively relegated to roles as...

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