Saturday, March 25, 2023

A Monumental Moment: Harriet Tubman Takes the Place of Christopher Columbus Statue in New Jersey!

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Harriet Tubman’s Monument: A Beacon of Hope and Empowerment in Newark, New Jersey!

In a groundbreaking move, Newark, New Jersey has replaced a controversial Christopher Columbus statue with a remarkable monument dedicated to the iconic Harriet Tubman. The awe-inspiring “Shadow of a Face” stands tall at 25 feet, and with steel that expands into a trellis, visitors can walk beneath its majestic presence.

But this monument isn’t just a beautiful sight to behold; it also features timelines of Tubman’s extraordinary life, detailing her heroic contributions to the abolition movement. Moreover, the display highlights the role of Newark in this critical period of American history, narrated by the city’s own Queen Latifah.

Architect Nina Cooke John designed this masterpiece with a vision to galvanize audiences. She hopes that visitors will “feel seen” and represented, connected, and a sense of belonging within this space. It’s a space that embraces the city’s diversity and celebrates its history.

Cooke John’s remarkable design was chosen from an open call for artists, and the “Shadow of a Face” replaced the Christopher Columbus statue that was taken down in 2020 amidst nationwide protests for racial justice. The monument is part of a movement that has seen over 130 Confederate and other historical statues removed across the United States.

The monument’s wall showcases bricks bought by Newark’s residents, sharing their stories and how the city’s history applies to them. Harriet Tubman’s story is an essential and inspiring part of American history, and the monument stands as a powerful symbol of hope, empowerment, and unity.

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